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cim community of indigenous minds

CIM - Community of Indigenous Minds 

We are sometimes asked: "Do you give guarantees that if I go through CIM course, I will achieve all my goals?"

Well, we can only guarantee one thing - after completing the CIM training course, you will master the tools that will allow you to achieve any of your goals.

During the group sessions, the participants, under the guidance of an experienced facilitator, discuss their questions, play various games and make special exercises that allow them to get an important experience in a safe environment and to explore various options of solving their internal tasks.

At CIM sessions participants develop their emotional intelligence, they have the opportunity to reveal their true potential and find answers to their deep questions. Here you comfortably and easily begin to enter the new territory of knowing yourself and your abilities.

If you are still reading this text, then, most likely, it is of interest to you.
If you have any questions about CIM project, call us, write or fill in an online application. We will answer you.

Number of participants in the group: from 10 to 12 people.
The cost of a 10-day training course is 50,000 tenge.

To participate you need to make a 50% advance payment for the course. At the 6th session of the course the remaining amount is paid.

Sessions are held at least once in 10 days.
The duration of one session is 2 hours.

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