KOMUNITIPLUS Public Foundation for Cultural, Social and Educational Development was established on May 15, 2017.


- development and support of social, cultural and educational projects in Kazakhstan, assistance in the implementation of the republican and regional social and educational policies;

- provision of services for the implementation of educational, cultural and social projects, including such field as book publishing, filmmaking and TV;

- Assistance in the implementation of educational programs in Kazakhstan.

Founders: Elmira Karmanova, Veniamin Alayev

Board of Trustees of the Foundation: Elmira Karmanova, Veniamin Alayev, Marina Korzhova

Chairman of the Board of Trustees: Elmira Karmanova

Director: Meirzhan Kurmanov

Projects of KOMUNITIPLUS Public Foundation

Quest For the Better Education

On April 25, 2018 Vlast Iternet Journal starts publication of the Quest for the Better Education project by KomunitiPlus Public Foundation. This is a series of video interviews with the founders and representatives of the brightest educational projects in Russia.


In December 2017, the KomunitiPLus team went to the Russian cities of St. Petersburg and Moscow in order to interview the most proactive representatives of the educational sphere, the creators of the most striking initiatives aimed at changing the existing Russian education system.

Participants of the project: Dima Zizer - the founder and director of the "Apelsin" ("Orange", eng.) School, the head of the Institute of Informal Education, the popularizer of the humanistic approach in education; Sergey Kazarnovsky - Honored Teacher of Russia, founder and director of "Class-Center" School (in 2007 the school was among the top ten in Russia); Victoria Shimanskaya - Doctor of Psychology, leading Russian expert on the development of emotional intelligence; Alexander Murashov - journalist, writer, author of "Another School" Project; Lika Chekalova - developer of "Metaversitet" programs (Institute of Broadband Education), author of the projects "Education for the Future", "Global Map of Educational Innovators"; Anna Vendik - teacher, head of the "Gnezdo" ("Nest", eng.) family space, inspired by the Reggio-approach, and many others.

The main social task of the project is to initiate active discussion of the problems of the modern education system in Kazakhstani society and development of practical ways of its quality change.

The long-term practical goal of the project is to study international experience, advanced methods and concepts of teaching, to deliver them to the people who are concerned with the issues of education in Kazakhstan and to adapt them to our circumstances.

The project's path began with Russia, and it has obvious reasons. First, the absence of a language barrier; second, the similarity of mentality; Thirdly, the common problems in the field of education - both Kazakhstan and Russia inherited the same Soviet system of education, which, by and large, has not been abandoned to this day.

Here's what the author of Elmira Karmanov tells about the project:

"Today in our country the issue of access to quality education that meets modern world standards and requirements is more acute than ever. I believe this is the basis of the true competitiveness and well-being of the society.

I have children myself, and I do care where and how they learn. The school system is now being scolded by everyone, someone even offers to refuse it. We are convinced that school education is the foundation of foundations, but the system, unfortunately, is outdated. We live and learn from it for almost 100 years! The Soviet education system perfectly solved the tasks it had faced, but now the world has changed, and the tasks, and most importantly, the children have changed.

Now the whole world is set to restructure education, there are perfectly working methods. We want parents and all those who care about the future of the modern Kazakh school, learn about the most successful educational projects and initiatives outside of our country".

Subscribe to the YouTube channel of the "KomunitiPlus" Public Foundation to see all interviews of the project coming out every week on Wednesday.

В поисках лучшего образования - Quest For the Better Education

В поисках лучшего образования - Часть 6 - Виктория Шиманская

В поисках лучшего образования - Часть 6 - Виктория Шиманская
Найти видео
В поисках лучшего образования - Часть 6 - Виктория Шиманская

В поисках лучшего образования - Часть 6 - Виктория Шиманская

В поисках лучшего образования - Часть 5 - Наталья Капируля

В поисках лучшего образования - Часть 5 - Наталья Капируля

В поисках лучшего образования - Часть 3 - Анна Вендик

В поисках лучшего образования - Часть 3 - Анна Вендик


Akem Turaly Project

On October 30, 2017 KOMUNITIPLUS Public Foundation in cooperation with the Esquire Kazakhstan magazine launched a series of video interviews by Elmira Karmanova called "Akem turaly" ("About my father") on the Esquire.kz.

"Alem Turaly" is a series of 10 interviews with successful people of Kazakhstan who share personal stories and memories of their fathers.
The interviews are published on the magazine's website every Tuesday, starting from October 31, 2017.
Heroes of the project: Veniamin Alayev - advisor to Almaty akim (city Mayor) on disabled people, founder of the Commission on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities named after K. Imanaliev; Victoria Mominbayeva - businesswoman, public figure, mother of 6 children; Dilnaz Akhmadiyeva and Makpal Isabekova - popular singers and actresses of Kazakhstan; Zhanar Nurlybek - a well-known blogger, networking expert; Anna Shelepova, a journalist and public figure; Asya Tulesova, the creator of a number of popular social projects, public figure; Saule Sergazinova - PR specialist, well-known blogger; Natalia Rastoropnova - businesswoman, owner of a large production company in Kazakhstan; Inna Apenko - creator of the first Kazakhstani brand of children's clothing.

"Akem Turaly" is published in support of "The Main Fathers' Partnership" ("GTO") social project, created for teenage boys, for various reasons brought up without the participation of their fathers.
The idea of GTO project is to create a healthy and safe environment, where boys in a purely male company and with the support of mentors are taughted various useful life skills. But most importantly, they receive a quality and invaluable experience of male communication, see an example of a positive male model of behavior.

About the author of the project:
Elmira Karmanova is the founder of Komuniti LLP and the chairman of the Board of Trustees of KOMUNITIPLUS Public Foundation, the author of "Without Fathers" project on Esquire.kz (2016), co-author of The Main Fathers' Partnership,  The Club of Non-Ideal Parents, Bai Bala and other projects. She is a professional marketing specialist, married, has two daughters.

The GTO project is absolutely free of the children. It is realized at the expense of the funds of KOMUNITI LLP, KOMUNITIPLUS Foundation and support of partners and sponsors.

If you want to support the GTO project financially, you can make a contribution of any amount of money in tenge on KOMUNITIPLUS" (BIN 170540018599) bank account # KZ146010131000138113 (KZT) in JSC "Halyk Bank Kazakhstan" (BIC HSBKKZKX) indicating GTO in a payment comment or to our QIWI-purse: +77017277697, also indicating GTO and a contributor's name in a payment comment.