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ГТО, Главное товарищество отцов, курс для подростков растущих без отцов

GTO (The Main Fathers' Partnership)

Brief description of the GTO course

In our country, for various reasons, the number of families where one parent is raising a child is growing. Traditionally, such situation is perceived as problematic, and it is either condemned or completely ignored. Today, a woman raising a child alone is able to solve many tasks to provide the child with everything necessary for successful development. The only thing that remains difficult and often unresolved is providing the child with an experience and a role model of the opposite sex. This is especially relevant to raising up boys. Several interviews with adult men who grew up without fathers confirm the belief that for a less traumatized and more harmonious growing up of a boy, it is necessary to have an example of a positive model of male behavior.

The GTO course is aimed at creating a healthy and safe environment, where boys, through training and interaction in the men's company, will be able to get a quality and valuable experience of male communication along with receiving useful life skills.

Structure of classes:

The GTO course offers 12 lessons for 15 boys of 9 to 14 years old. Each lesson lasts at least 2 hours. The gap between lessons is not more than 10 days.
The GTO group consists of 15 participants, which is divided into three subgroups of five boys. During one lesson each subgroup attends three mentors on three different topics (for example, self-defense class, writing class and hand craft class). One such class takes no more than 40 minutes. Every 40 minutes subgroups make a rotation shift to move to the next class. As a result, for one day, teenagers have time to visit three classes of three male mentors on three different topics.

At the end of all 12 meetings, an open day is held, where the participants' achievements are presented together with the mentors. On this day everyone (parents and relatives, friends, sponsors and partners of the project) is invited to celebrate the children's successes, as well as to demonstrate the newly acquired skills. The second goal of this presentation is publicity and reporting to those who contributed to the development of this project.

Conditions for participation in the TRP project:

- GTO is a territory free of gadgets
- GTO is a territory free from women (including mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters and nannies)
- GTO is a safe area for creativity, development and communication.
- GTO is a place where boys of 9 to 14 years old get knowledge and skills.
- GTO is not a substitute for the school curriculum
- Mandatory presence, participation and involvement in all GTO activities.
- Organizers are the only link between mothers and GTO instructors/trainers/mentors.
- A prerequisite for the boy's participation in the GTO project is his sincere desire to participate and attend the GTO lessons.
- Instructors/mentors do not replace fathers of participating boys! They are just mentors, instructors and coaches for the boys.


All GTO classes are subject to the following principles and values:

- Confidentiality
- Transparency
- Honesty and sincerity
- Consistency
- Involvement and interactivity
- GTO territory is free from condemnation and evaluative thinking
- Respect for the person

Methods used at "Bai Bala" Classes:

- Facilitation and Interactivity
- Positive evaluation
- Learning through action
- Emotional awareness.

All classes are built on the critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Thus, participants learn to recognize and manage their emotions, gain basic skills of effective communication, responsibility and ability to make independent decisions.

System of selecting mentors

We invite candidates (preferably fathers that have their own children and pedagogical experience) who want to share their skills with children.

The selection procedure consists of the following stages:

- Filling out a mentor application with a description of the purpose and personal motivation to participate in the GTO project,
- Candidates should provide at least three recommendations from competent persons, describing the nature, experience and personal qualities.
- Attend an interview with project organizers and a psychologist.

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