Events in Marzipan

KOMUNITI launches Friday, Saturday and Sunday meetings in a cozy family restaurant "Marzipan" (Almaty, Abai Ave., 117, "Zhanna" Trade house, 4th floor). The meetings will be held throughout the winter and the whole of March.

On Fridays at 19:30 - poetic evenings "Read poetry" for adults and children of 12+ years old (entrance fee: 1000 tenge, students - 500 tenge).


On Saturdays at 11:00 - "Financial literacy for adolescents" (children of 10 to 15 years old, entrance fee: 1000 tenge).

On Sundays at 11:00 - "Study English with the whole family" (children of 5 to 10 years old with parents, entrance fee: 1000 tenge).


Do you want to make leisure with your children more useful and quality? Weekend events by KOMUNITI is the perfect solution!

Registration by phone number: +77787878855 (Adelina, Event Administrator) курсы для детей

интересные ивенты в Алматы, ивенты для детей и взрослых
ивенты для детей