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"Klyuchik" Young Book Lovers' Club named after Klyaksa (Eng. "Inkblot")

In our time of high technology, children are increasingly immersed in the virtual world, forgetting about real communication.

We help them take their eyes off the gadgets and take a look at the world and its boundless possibilities through reading and literature, enjoy live communication with peers and adults, be able to find non-standard ways of solving different tasks and inspire them introducing to successful people - true professionals in their field.

In our club we have a permanent motivation system and prizes for active participants to support children's interest.

During the meeting our instructor (Ainur Kaliyeva) reads interesting books, stories with children, gets feedback, talks to them, plays. The second part of the meeting is devoted to creativity. Children paint or learn to make interesting crafts. Sometimes additional meetings are held with successful people - representatives of various professions who talk about their work, answer questions from children.


Club meetings take place on weekends. Place, date and time of the meeting are announced at least one week before the meeting through Facebook.

Duration of the meeting: 2 hours.

If you want to support this club financially, you can make a contribution of any amount of money in tenge on KOMUNITIPLUS (BIN 170540018599) account # KZ146010131000138113 (KZT) in JSC "Halyk Bank Kazakhstan" (BIC HSBKKZKX) indicating "Klyuchik" in a payment comment or to our QIWI-purse: +77017277697, also indicating Klyuchik and sender's name in a payment comment.