клуб неидеальных родителей

KNR - Club of Non-Ideal Parents

For the past 15 years various psychologists and sociologists have been examining the influence of the Emotional Intelligence (EI) of parents on the quality of children's development and their readiness for successful adulthood. One of the latest studies conducted by Samira Salimynezhad, published in the scientific journal Science Direct in 2015, entitled "The studies of relationship between parental styles with Emotional intelligence in elementary schools students of MAKO" in the section of social and behavioral research. In this study, the method and style of parenting chosen by the parent showed a direct relationship and impact on the successful development of the child. For example, the authoritarian method of raising a child affects the child's development in the worst possible way both in the field of academic knowledge and in general socialization. The reason for the authoritarian method of parenting is a low level of emotional intelligence, respectively, inability to manage emotions and show the necessary empathy.
Based on these studies, the idea and concept of developing parents' emotional intelligence was created, with a long-term goal to influence the development children's emotional intelligence.

The purpose of the KNR course:

Development of parents' Emotional Intelligence, contributing to the development of children's Emotional Intelligence.

KNR Course Principles:

The KNR course consists of 10 sessions for a group of 8 to 12 parents. Each session lasts up to 2 hours and takes place without the participation of children, except for two special meetings with children discussed below. The session is conducted by a facilitator. The gap between classes is not less than 10 days. Participants are given homework at the end of each session so that during a certain period of time between sessions they can perform practical exercises and conduct independent monitoring of their progress as a result of exercises and recommendations.
Every fifth (sixth) and tenth session, a group meeting is held with the participation of children. These meetings are held for monitoring purposes to check the parents' interim and final progress in interaction with children through playing special group games and interviewing. 

All "KNR" sessions are subject to the following principles and values:

- Confidentiality
- Transparency
- Honesty and sincerity
- Consistency
- Involvement and interactivity
- KNR territory is free from condemnation and evaluative thinking
- Responsibility for actions - Neither the authors of the KNR course methodology nor the organizer or facilitator can bear full responsibility for success and positive changes in parents and children as a result of the course. Only the parent himself, as a participant, can bear a full responsibility for quality changes in a child and himself. The organizers of the KNR and the facilitator can be responsible only for the quality of the sessions and events held.

Methods used at "KNR" Sessions:

- Facilitation and Interactivity
- Positive evaluation

- Role games, bodily experiences
- Learning through action
- Emotional awareness.

To participate in KNR course it is necessary to:

- Fill in an online questionnaire, which also includes a short essay on the topic "Why do I need the KNR course?"
- To pay 50% or 100% advance payment for the course.

In case the participant misses two sessions of the KNR course, the participant is excluded from the Club. This is due to the fact that the participant simply falls out of the general process of group work and it will be very difficult for him or her to get involved in the topic of the next meetings.


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