Эльмира Карманова el karmanew
Мейржан Курманов
Айнура Абсеметова

Elmira Karmanova

Founder of KOMUNITI LLP, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of KomunitiPlus Public Foundation for Social, Cultural and Educational Development, the author of such projects, as: The Club of Non-Ideal Parents, The Main Fathers' Partnership, Bai Bala, Klyuchik (The Young Book Lovers' Club), YAKKI Club (I am a creative, communicative intellectual).
Marketing specialist with 17 years of experience in the organization of events and corporate trainings, including KazMunayGas national oil company, Samsung Corp.
She is married and has two daughters.
In the team building programs for the corporate sector acts as the program developer and 


Meirzhan Kurmanov

Founder, General director of KOMUNITI LLP, director of KomunitiPlus Public Foundation for Social, Cultural and Educational Development, the co-author and facilitator of the Main Fathers' Partnership, the author of the "Knight of the Word" course on the basics of writing skills for children. 

Professional editor, translator.
Has a higher pedagogical education, 12-year experience in publishing as an editor of profile popular scientific literature in the oil and gas sector.
Married, father of two daughters.
In the team building programs for the corporate sector acts as a coach-Instructor.

Ainura Absemetova

Founder of KOMUNITI LLP, development specialist and business coach, Master of Development Management (Western Michigan University, USA). Over 20 years of work in the civil society development sector at the international level, including the countries of Central Asia, Afghanistan, the United States and Russia, conducted more than 200 trainings on topics related to project performance management and organizational development, human development.
The author of various training programs on Emotional Intelligence. As an expert in performance evaluation and organizational development, she conducted a number of studies for World Bank, Eurasian Foundation, USAID, Counterpart International, Pyxera Global, EU, UNESCO and UNICEF.

Айнур Калиева

Ainur Kaliyeva

The facilitator and administrator of many projects of KOMUNITI LLP, translator/interpreter.
Has a higher economic education,
10-year experience in the banking sector of Kazakhstan, worked with international development institutions and Foreign banks.In the teambuilding programs for the corporate sector acts as a coach-instructor.

Аделина Аппазова

Adelina Appazova

Student of UIB (University of International Business). Specialty: "Psychology".
Graduated from the "School of Diplomacy" and completed the "Introduction to existential psychotherapy" course.
Leader of the Kazakhstani student affiliation of the "Inspirer" Center for Humane Pedagogy in UIB. Administrator of Bai Bala and Dubble Bubble projects.