We have forgotten that the most important things in life are usually simple. As part of the Q-Camp project, today we held a meeting with all concerned representatives of the educational sector and NGOs in Almaty. Q-Camp is a Peace Education camp for teens. Our project partners - an amazing pair of MJ and Jerry Park - came to us from the distant city of Washington, USA to share their nearly 40 years of experience in this field. In an informal setting, we talked about peace. Full of violence, misunderstanding and all sorts of prejudices. This can be a lot of pleasant, kind words, ideas and thoughts, such as the “peaceful” skill necessary to teach children in an early age in special lessons in school programs, along with mathematics, physics and chemistry. So why all the most important things are simple? Because we all need peace, complete peace, kindness and mutual understanding. If we want us to have peace. I would like to express my gratitude to the Diplomatic Mission of the United States in Kazakhstan and IREX to support the Q-Camp project, and also to thank the Asteroid B-612 Café for the kindly provided meeting space.

On June 2, at 03:00 pm, an open meeting-presentation of the Q-CAMP project, the first camp for adolescents in Kazakhstan based on the principles of Peace Education and social-emotional learning through art, will take place in the Esentai Gallery. This project is implemented with the support of the U.S. Diplomatic Mission to Kazakhstan and IREX. Partners of  KOMUNITPLUS Foundation, consultants Mary Joan Park and Jerry Park - the founders and leaders of Little Friends For Peace, which has been working in the US for 40 years in Peace Education, will participate in the meeting.
You will learn more about Peace Education and social and emotional learning, the experience of the LFFP and Komuniti in this area, as well as details about the Q-Camp from the organizers.
The meeting will be very interesting to everyone who is interested in education and useful leisure for children and teenagers.
For all questions, please call: +7 778 787 8855

From March 1 to March 7, the FemAgora Gender Equality Festival was held in Almaty. The Komuniti team took part in the organization of such an important event on the territory of Kazakhstan and supervised the Economy section on March 6th. The day began with a discussion of the topic "Work after retirement. Is it profitable or not?" Speakers from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Armenia took part in the panel discussion. The second topic for discussion was Microentrepreneurship. At 15:00 a fascinating storytelling from Working Moms began. Then we played the new game called "Resource X". It was specifically designed for the development of social entrepreneurship.

We thank all the organizers, speakers, guests and curators of the festival for supporting and raising important issues for our society! Let's ring the "bell of gender equality" more often!

One of our founders last fall was in the US through the Community Solutions Program by Exchange Programs - U.S. Department of State and IREX. He completed an internship at Little Friends For Peace (LFFP), studying Peace Education and social-emotional learning methods.
Now KOMUNITIPLUS foundation in partnership with the LFFP is developing the first unique project on peace education in Kazakhstan - the Q-CAMP summer peace camp in Almaty. We jointly submitted this project for a Collaboration For Community Impact Grant from IREX for CSP alumni and won it! Hooray! Q-CAMP to be this summer!
On the photo: Meirzhan Kurmanov with the founders and leaders of LFFP Mj Park and Jerry Park

On November 27-28, at the VIII Civil Forum in Astana KOMUNITIPLUS Public Foundation for Social, Cultural and Educational Development was awarded the Prize of the Ministry of Public Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the youth policy support and children's initiatives. Our Founder and Chairwoman of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation, Elmira Karmanova, received the award from the hands of the Senate member of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Byrganym Aytimova.

We will study the city, visit popular places, consider the familiar streets and public transport from a different angle, learn new skills and prepare projects to improve the urban environment! And all this in a format of practical research.

It will be an unusual adventure for teenagers aged 12 to 15 years.

Format: day camp, from Mon till Fri, from 10:00 to 16:00.
Launch: June 18th. (Season: 2 weeks researching + 3 days - project preparation).
Presentation of the final works: July 7.

We accept only those who:

1) will write an essay (not less than 120 words) on the topic "Why should I go to the Summer Research Camp?" and send it on WhatsApp: +7 778 787 88 55 or by e-mail: tookomuniti@gmail.com till June 14;

2) will pay for participation by June 5 (45 000 tenge) (from June 6 to June 14 it will cost 55 000 tenge).

ATTENTION: the first season will include only 15 (!) participants!

Todays children don't like to read much, or read but have no one to discuss what they read.

We are sure that deep inside everyone loves books, sometimes you just need to find that very book or the right company to discuss the book. We are looking for 12 teenagers willing to enter this club. So hurry up! Sign up for the club meetings! The first 12, who sign up and pay for participation will become that very dozen of lucky ones to enter our closed club.
Here is the tel. number to call or message: +7 778 787 88 55 (Adelina)

The 2 hour meetings will be held once every two weeks. Participation in one meeting costs 2000 tenge. 

We will discuss books, develop skills and create!

On April 25, 2018 Vlast.kz starts publication of the project by Elmira Karmanova "The Quest For the Better Education". This is a series of video interviews with the founders and representatives of the brightest educational projects of St. Petersburg and Moscow.

The main social task of the project is to initiate an active discussion of the problems of modern education in the society and develop effective ways to solve them. The long-term practical goal of the project is to study international experience and advanced teaching methods, to deliver them in Kazakhstan and adapt to our realities.

Subscribe to the YouTube channel of KomunitiPlus Foundation, where you can also see the interviews of the project.

Hooray! The Club of Young Readers named after Klyaksa (KlyuChiK) has again opened the doors for curious children! The first meeting of the club was held on the 1st of April! Every Sunday during spring from 10:00 to 12:00 am we are waiting for you in the cozy family restaurant "Marzipan"!

So what is KlyuChiKLIC?

It is a safe place where we learn to be friends, read and listen to books, discuss what we read and make interesting things by our won hands. And very soon we will learn to write stories, poems and fix books!

For participation it is necessary to register in advance by phone: +77787878855.

Cost of participation: 1000 tenge.

People always expect a miracle for a New Year! So do we! That is why our Club of Young Readers named after Klyaksa applied for the Build Your Business contest by Sabi Foundation. We've been dreaming long of a yellow bus, like an American school bus, to travel around the Almaty region and read books for children from 5 to 9 years old, repair books, talk about literature, write poems and stories with them. Science says that reading skills should outstrip writing skills, however modern schools teach these skills simultaneously, which often leads to dysgraphia and dyslexia.
Meetings of "Klyuchik" club are always interactive and very interesting, they help to develop functional literacy, communication skills and emotional intelligence. And we read in three languages.

On December 3, KOMUNITI team travels to St. Petersburg and Moscow to meet and study the brightest and non-trivial projects in the field of education. During these eight days we will be immersing ourselves in incredible projects, communicate with great teams, train and participate in a conference on emotional intelligence.
Subscribe to our Facebook page where we are going to share daily information about our quest, our impressions of the day, plans for the next day and the authors of the coolest questions will get nice present with gifts from us!
Also subscribe to our YouTube channel, so as not to miss out on our trip!

On October 30, 2017, "KOMUNITIPLUS" Public Foundation held its first event - the presentation of Elmira Karmanova's project "Akem Turaly" ("About My Father"). This is a series of 10 video interviews with successful people of Kazakhstan who share personal stories and memories of their fathers.
Every week on Tuesdays one interview will be published on the website of Esquire Kazakhstan magazine.
The project was created in support of the social project "The Main Fathers' Partnership" ("GTO"), created by "KOMUNITI" team for teenage boys, who for various reasons are brought up without the participation of their fathers.Presenation

September 15 and 16, 2017 the former tram depot of Almaty hosted a festival of city communities - Art Energy Almaty.
This festival has gathered more than 50 communities of the city in one place. The main goal of the festival was communication and further cooperation of the communities both among themselves and with the city administration. For two days the citizens had the opportunity to attend various master classes, participate in forums and discussions, see original art objects and installations.

The KOMUNITI team worked in the children's zone and also presented its projects, among them "Klyuchik", "GTO", "KNR" and "YAKKI".

4 days have passed since we participated in the Future Energy Forum in Astana within the framework of EXPO-2017 where we presented the KOMUNITI SCHOOL project among the top 10 start-ups of the CIS, and we still get its results in the form of new interesting acquaintances and communication with amazing people! The aim of the event was to create a unique platform for young entrepreneurs and investors for closer and more direct communication, and the results of the forum will be foreseeable in the long term. For KOMUNITI it was a great opportunity to show what we are doing, where we are moving, to expand our circle of contacts, to look at our activities from a different angle and to hear feedback from international experts.

On August 21, 2017, the Future Energy Forum will host an Evening Event and presentation of 30 pre-selected promising international high-tech start-up projects in the field of alternative energy within the framework of Astana Expo-2017.

The "Match-making Night" will feature 20 projects selected from among the best start-ups in the field of alternative energy from Western European countries and 10 projects from the CIS, including the KOMUNITI SCHOOL project.

Only during one month you have a unique opportunity to purchase the LAMP CRAFT set in Synesthesia Concept Store at Bayseitova Str., 55/57 (near "Nedelka" fountain).
Money from sales will be used to finance the GTO social project. The goal of the GTO project is to create a healthy and safe environment where boys, for various reasons brought up by their mothers independently, could be able to obtain a quality and invaluable experience of male communication, mastering useful life skills...

Can a person develop harmoniously rejecting and trying to get rid of negative emotions, such as aggression, fear, anxiety, envy?

Of course not...

There are no purely negative emotions in our life. There are emotions that we would like to experience more often and longer, (happiness, delight, joy) and emotions and feelings that we would like to experience less often and not for a long time, those that can cause inconvenience to others (fear, anger, anger)...

Does the child really need pocket money? How much? For what?
Yes, so many questions arise from parents when talking about pocket money for a child. Let's work it out together!
The main purpose of pocket money is to teach a child to manage his finances. Nothing can be learned only by theory. Practice is always needed...

Today is a big day for teenagers from the YAKKI club. The last lesson of the course and graduation for the children of the advanced group. Boys and girls presented their parents and guests with their general installation called "Searching for yourself". It is a small labyrinth symbolizing the life path, on which we encounter different obstacles and difficulties, different feelings and emotions...

On June 25, the KOMUNITI team held a special team-building event for Freedom Finance. The main wish of the company was to unite the employees of two major players of the investment market - Freedom Finance and Asyl Invest - into one cohesive team after the recent merger.
To achieve the maximum effect from this corporate training and taking into account the specific wishes of the customer, we have developed a SPECIAL team building program...

Hurray! Today our first BaiBala kids have graduated! Ten classes flew by like one! The kids have finished the basic course of our financial literacy project, learned how to set goals based on SMART system, learned how the financial system works, and about spending extra money on sweets and whims. They also learned how to overcome the fear that can prevent them from achieving their goals and how to better understand their emotions and feelings in the process of communicating with others and teamwork...

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