Our Projects

ключик, клуб юных читателей имени кляксы
Young Book Lovers' Club 
community of indigenous minds
Community of Indigenous Minds (CIM)

The purpose of the club is to make children love reading and communicate without gadgets.

Method: joint reading and discussion of reading with children, as well as meetings with representatives of various professions and the development of fine motor skills through needlework.
The group includes up to 15 people.

Program for adults on developing Emotional Intelligence.

Method: During 10 meetings, a group work is conducted on mastering various skills and tools for developing emotional intelligence.
The group is designed for 10-12 people.

ЯККИ, Я креативный коммуникабельный интеллектуал
YAKKI (I'm a creative
and communicative

The YAKKI Club is a new, independent and unusual platform for self-expression.

At the YAKK Club, adolescents will be taught different skills, namely: communication, project thinking, leadership, and will also develop emotional intelligence.
The group is designed for 10-12 people.

байбала, бай бала финансовая грамотность для детей
Bai Bala

The "Bai Bala" project was created for children of 8 to 15 years old, because at this age, adolescents quickly learn life skills and develop critical thinking and the ability to bear responsibility.

The goal of the project is to teach children the basics of financial literacy.
The group is designed for 10-12 people.

ДабблБаббл, английский язык, творчество
Double Bubble
+ Hand craft)

The "Double Bubble" project is a course for children aged 6 to 10 years old, consisting of 12 lessons of two hours, where during the first hour children are engaged in game-based English learning and the second hour is devoted to the development of emotional intelligence through creativity.
The group includes 10 to 12 people.

Главное товарищество отцов
The Main Fathers'

GTO is a social project for boys between the ages of 9 and 15, who for various reasons are brought up without the participation of their fathers. The aim of the project is to show a positive male model of behavior.
Method: During 12 meetings, 15 boys are taught three different useful skills (basics of writing, self-defense, construction/modeling).

клуб неидеальных родителей
Club of Non-Ideal Parents

The purpose of the KNR is the harmonious development of children through the development of the emotional intelligence of their parents.
Method: During 10 meetings, a group work is carried out on the development of various communication skills, conscious thinking of parents.
The group consists of 10-12 people.