Report on where in Almaty children can learn how to research urban environment, conducting scientific talks and mastering writing skills. Vlast journalists talked with the organizers of various summer courses for teenagers in Almaty and collected a list of places where teenagers can go for useful leisure activities in August.


The founder of the KomunitiPlus Public Foundation Elmira Karmanova talked with a group of Russian education innovators on how the attitude of students to learning is changing, how the learning process becomes more conscious and what the education of the future will be like. Ten video interviews became a project called "The Quest for the better education", which will be released on the Vlast internet journal...


Do you remember what you were doing on 8th of March, International Women's Day, in kindergarten and primary school? We cut tulips and digit 8 out of colored paper, glued them on a postcard and wrote "to my mom" with a felt-tip pen. What did your mom look like at that day? Was she happy or sad? The editorial board of Today.kz launches a small series of stories about mothers. Because they are so different.


Elmira Karmanova has presented the series of interviews called "Akem Turaly" ("About my father") with famous Kazakhstanis.
What does the word "dad" mean for each of us? Is there a person in our lives to whom we can say "dad", "father", "akem". Why is it difficult for some of us to say "I love you, dad"? And what do we regret the most when he is no longer with us?

"Health Expert" Magazine:

Having observed the development of the free social project called "The Main Fathers' Partnership", we decided to write about the people who created it why, what the boys and their mothers receive from it, why male teachers need it.

Mediametrics Kazakhstan Radio:

What is the "Club of Non-ideal Parents"? Why do we need parental projects?  Who is supposed to attend such parents' group sessions? Guests of the program: Elmira Karmanova, co-founder of KOMUNITI, co-author of the KNR, GTO, YAKKI, CIM, and Meirzhan Kurmanov, co-founder of KOMUNITI, co-author of the GTO.


Dad... How much meaning lies in this word! Dads can be different, while not everyone has a dad... And yet the male model of behavior is especially important for boys. What man will become the babyboy growing up being surrounded by women everywhere: by mom and grand-mom at home, by teachers in the kindergarten and then at school?

December 06, 2016

Open Asia:

The first social project that supports boys growing up without fathers has successfully launched in Kazakhstan. During 12 lessons teenage boys learn to write stories, make a wooden table lamp, learn how to play an ancient oriental strategy game called "Go" and acquire basic skills of self-defense...

"Evening Almaty" newspaper: 

Our newspaper continues to tell about the Almaty residents, who don't forget about kindness and change our city for the better...


There are no ideal conditions in life. And if we just stop wasting our energy to match someone else's idea of ourselves, we will free up tremendous energy to become happy!


#ReadPoetry project was created by Almaty citizens Elmira Karmanova, Ainura Absemetova and Meirzhan Kurmanov. The idea of the project is simple: people of different age, social status and profession recite their favorite poems on the camera сalling up to read poetry by the end...

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