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Our team often receives requests from various companies to organize team building trainings. Often the reaction of employees of the company-customer is: "Hooray! Teambuilding! We'll have a lot of fun! Run! Play! Enjoy!"

STOP! Let's get back to the beginning! To the TEAM which needs to be BUILD!

Teambuilding is, above all, the search for the most effective personnel management tools for achieving maximum results.
We are convinced that corporate team building trainings should be not only cheerful and energetic, but also thoughtful and useful for the whole company.
And we get really happy when we receive a request to create such team building activity!


On June 25, 2017, we organized a special event for Freedom Finance. The main wish of the company was to unite employees and work out the company values.
Anyone who has anything to do with the financial sphere in Kazakhstan knows that recently there has been a merger of two major players of the investment market - Freedom Finance and Asyl Invest. Therefore it was extremely important to unite the employees of two companies into one organization for further fruitful and successful work.

In order to maximize the effect of the corporate team building event, and taking into account the specific wishes of the customer, we have developed a SPECIAL individual team building program, written a detailed scenario and unique contests aimed not only at maintaining the team spirit, good mood, but also at revealing some nuances of communication within the company. Later it formed the basis for post-training analysis and report as a list of recommendations for the management.

In general, we got incredible emotions from the process! And in return, the participants gave us the most positive emotions.
We believe that the corporate rest can give not only a lot of fun, but also bring a benefit for employees and the company! And we are glad that the number of Kazakhstani companies that think the same is growing!

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