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YAKKI Project

Brief concept of "BaiBala"

Factors of success in adulthood and a professional career today include such skills like emotion management, effective communication, anger management, stressfulness and the ability to make decisions in difficult situations [1]. Kazakhstan is overcoming the processes of social, cultural and political transformation that affect the process of the formation of modern man and his social adaptation to changing conditions [2]. In 1995, the psychologist Daniel Goleman identified the emotional intelligence as one of the key factors contributing to the successful realization of inner potential, achieving goals and interacting with others. Studies also indicate that EI develops in its natural form up to 17 years.

That's why the "YAKKI" project was created for children from 9 to 17 years old, because at this age, adolescents can effectively and quickly gain life skills, as well as develop critical thinking and the ability to make decisions.

The purpose of the "YAKKI" course:

Through the creation of a safe and informative environment, adolescents gain experience in the development of their EI and conscious thinking.


The YAKKI course offers 12 lessons for 12 teenagers of 10 to 17 years old. Each lesson lasts at least 2 hours. The interval between sessions is not more than 3-5 days.
All sessions are conducted without participation and the presence of relatives and friends, but under the guidance of the facilitator and the project administrator. 
The key aspect of the YAKKI course is the creation, development and implementation of a social project by each participant. Thus, during the realization of his or her idea, the participant is able to demonstrate new knowledge and new values ​​in practice, and also to gain the opportunity to realize potential and gain confidence in his capabilities and in himself.
At the end of all 12 meetings, an open day is held, where the participants' achievements are presented. On this day everyone (parents and relatives, friends, sponsors and partners of the project) is invited to celebrate the children's successes, as well as to demonstrate the new skills they have acquired. The second goal of this presentation is publicity and reporting to those who contributed to the development of this project.

All "YAKKI" sessions are subject to the following principles and values:

- Confidentiality
- Transparency
- Honesty and sincerity
- Consistency
- Involvement and interactivity
- Bai Bala territory is free from condemnation and evaluative thinking
- Respect for the person

Methods used at "YAKKI" Sessions:

- Facilitation and Interactivity
- Positive evaluation
- Learning through action
- Emotional awareness.


All group sessions with facilitators are based on developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Thus, participants learn to recognize and manage their emotions, acquire basic skills of effective communication, learn responsibility and the ability to make independent decisions.

[1]Future of Jobs Report, World Economic Forum

[2] Jakupor S., Altayev J., Slanbekova G., Shormanbayeva D., Tolegenova A. “Experimental research of Emotional Intelligence as the factor of success rate of modern person”, 1877-0428 ©2013

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